I will no longer be updating this blogger or it's subpages (with the exception of the tattoo journal- for now)! From now on, please follow the above link for all commission information and links to my other online galleries!

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit! I truly appreciate your time, and hope you extend that to visit the new blog provided above.

Update 016

Finally another update! This time around I have uploads for...

Sequentials: 'Level' comic

Concepts: Character test

Still doing freelance (at least trying to, as this past holiday was incredibly slow), while I search for a full-time position. I'm applying for all: concept artist, 2d artist, illustration, comics, storyboard, etc.

I look forward to working with great talents and contributing all that I am while I take away all that I can in knowledge.

New Service + New endeavors!


fydbac-designs: Custom Shoes!

New service will be customizing footwear with my own design. Definitely worth a check-out!

Also have been working on gaining votes to get a couple of figurines made:

PLEASE VOTE! Though you DO have to sign up for a free account in order to vote, it'll be worth it, wouldn't it?

24hr sketch commissions!

:: OPEN ::


$15/per character: b&w
$30/per character: color

+$10 (+24hr to deadline) per extra character: ONLY for b&w
+$20 (+24hr to deadline) per extra character: ONLY for color
Requests totaling over $50.00 USD will be subject to a paypal fee on the invoice.
paypal fee calculator

Not the service you were looking for? Maybe one of the following is fits your current desire:
* Standard Commission *
* Custom Hat/Shoes *


1- Review everything on this page before you send in a request (If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask)
2- Do not give heavy character or request descriptions. No more than 3 sentences for each. PLEASE don't make it more than this, otherwise, I'll ask you to revise the request. I ask this because the more details you request, the more obvious you already have a set image in mind for the character, and the more chance I get that image wrong. It's unfair to expect me to play that much of a hired hand for this offer. I really hate disappointing my clients so I rather avoid that possibility.
3- For sequence request: each one counts as an image.
4- REVIEW EVERYTHING. I can't stress how important it is you read this info page. No, I won't be mad if you get it wrong, but I really appreciate when people actually pay attention :)
5- No more than 4 reference links. This relates to the explaination in #2 above.


I receive your online submission form.
2) When I'm ready to begin, I will send you a pdf invoice which shows the total price and my paypal (which is also provided here and on the page you found this link on).
3) ONLY once you look over the invoice, should you send the full payment.
4) Once I see payment is received, I will begin the piece, and the countdown will begin.
5) I finish the commission WITHIN A DAY of receiving payment and send you the hi-res of the piece!
6) On the off chance I am late, you will have the choice of having me do an extra piece!

* Please go back to top of commission page to review costs and charges*


24hr discount Services:

-Characters (human, anthro, etc.)
-Tattoo designs

24hr discounts DO NOT include:
-preliminary sketches


$15+$10 B&w

$30 color


After reviewing and understanding all of the above, please visit this link in order to submit a request form!:


Thank you for taking the time to look over everything, and especially for considering taking me up on my 24hr offer!

I look forward to working with you!

*NOTE: If your payment is received between 8pm and 9am PST, it will be counted as being received the next business day; which means the deadline will be a day later.
(example: Payment is received Oct. 30th at 1 am, then it will be counted as being received on Oct. 31st instead.)

24hr sketch means you will receive the finished sketch before the end of the new day AFTER receiving payment (PST time)! IF LATE, you have the choice of requesting another piece on the house!

Update| Robbery

New: tattoo 032

Update: I've been robbed of all my equipment and a majority of my artwork, Please, if you see anything that may resemble my work, feel free to email me.

Please read:

+++Copy and Pasted in case link no longer works+++

Stolen Tattoo Machines (Both Micky Sharpz brand; Visual reference attached below):
Iron Radial Dial: Serial Number: 15872 (engraved on machine): Machine type: 000
Stainless Steel Hybrid


I was robbed early yesterday morning, and among what was taken that was mine, beside my tattoo machines (mentioned above), was the following:

-PowerBoook G4 which is damaged on the right end (right above the disk slot)
-80GB ipod (which as japanese language enabled)
-A Japanese PSP (mint green) with three games in it's black zip up case (locoroco, patapon, and final fantasy)
-PowerShot A95 Digital Camera (which contained my last tattoo (done that same early morning), and pictures of a couple friends holding my cat and it's newborn kitten.
-Helio Ocean cell phone
-Most importantly, an 9x12 Art portfolio with about 20 images. Some of which are the following:

And alot more that can be found on the rest of my site, as well as some that have yet to be posted on my online galleries.

-In the back of the portfolio, there is a book (half english, half japanese) and fliers for my custom tattoo service with my contact info and a sample of my work (one has , and another as ).

I'd really appreciate any help to recovering anything mentioned. But most importantly, I'd just like my art portfolio back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Thank you so very much for your time. If you have any leads, MOST IMPORTANTLY on my portfolio (and ipod, as that was used as a back-up drive for the digital artwork on my powerbook), please email me. I'll most certainly try to repay you for any help given. AS LONG AS MY PORTFOLIO IS RETURNED, I don't care about anything else.


Jainai Jeffries

  • Location: Crenshaw Blvd.
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 1262351353-0 image 1262351353-1

Tattoo update 02

About 5 new tattoos added!

Update 015

New Illustration uploaded!

Tattoo Update!

New Entries in Tattoo Journal! Might be best to follow that journal directly if you're interested in keeping up with how I'm doing :)

And of course, Discount Commissions, as well as Full Commissions are still open!

inPRNT shop + Tattooing Journal

I now have a print shop open!


If there's a piece in my gallery you would like a print of, please don't hesitate to email me, and I'll see to adding it to either inPRNT or my Red bubble shop.

Also, I've put up a Tattooing Journal that'll chronologize my journey through the world of Tattooing. I'm currently an apprentice, so I'm hoping that with posting my progress, I'll also get feedback from those online as well.

Tattooing Journal

Thank you again for visiting, and feel free to visit all around my galleries and shops!

Update| Concepts

Scai: pirate child


Jainai Jeffries is a conceptual artist who specializes in character design, but also works to apply that focus into comics, illustration, graphic design, fashion and more.

Jainai works towards going beyond the clients expectations, and is more than able to contribute all she can and more to a team project.


-Graduated from School of Visual Arts with an MFA in Computer Art, May 2008

-Searching for a full-time position [illustration, conceptual, design, etc.]in both the US and overseas


aim: fydbac